Of Rain and Coughs

Things have been a little slow construction wise lately. We have had a lot of rain and many have been battling coughs.

It has been hard to find creative distractions, but hopefully we’ll be back at work soon.

Trying to save some plants we had to dig up to make room for the wrap around porch

Thanks for stopping by; we enjoyed the visit

Everyone that visits must be treated to a tour of the storm cellar

Beginning rafters

Eating in our kitchen:)

Finding new homes for displaced landscaping

No fear of heights




The Storm Cellar



Everyone wants an upclose look

"I'm young; therefore, I must climb"


Now, we need a hole. A really BIG hole!


Is this big enough?


Yes, it is deep enough (for repelling that is)

The fearless leader looks on

- the man with the machine


Why has the thought of an underground playground never entered my mind?


Gravel goes down first

A view of the inside



There she is

Raising the Gable (or what we did on New Years Eve)

We'd love to raise this gable before dark


Attaching the wall jacksThe crowd gathers; mom brought snacks 🙂


Working by flood lights now


View from the driveway the next morning; it got too dark that night to get a final picture

Gable #2 had to wait until the next day. We had daylight, but it turned really cold!

Wow, both gables standing; great work men!!!

A Little Unusual Christmas

We had such great intentions of getting cards in the mail, but unfortunately it never materalized- something about being a little homeless, a little cramped, and a little too busy. Anyway, we do wish you all the blessedness of the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.