Spring Happenings

IMG_8901All of the siding is now on the front of the house, thanks to Stephen and the T. boys.

IMG_8912 Plum trees blooming in the orchard!

IMG_8933                                                Peach tree blossoms!

IMG_8909 This pear tree already has its beautiful green covering of  leaves!


Our future barn site, even though it doesn’t look like much of one yet!

IMG_8922Another angle; Stephen has been able to use telephone poles folks gave us after the storm!

IMG_8876Last weekend we attended the wedding of some local friends!

IMG_8875                             The bridesmaids.                     IMG_8878Some of the groomsmen.

And as always, we ended up doing way more visiting than actual picture taking! I know. It’s a crying shame.


And we’ll end with this one! Thanks for stopping by. Y’all have a great weekend

WOW! Its Been a Really Long Time!

IMG_8822For starters, we are so very  sorry to have forsaken our faithful readers (if we have any left) for so very long. Life happens. With that said, here is a quick update on a few things we’ve got going on and Lord willing we’ll try to do a better job of this in the future!

Recently we went bowling to celebrate all our many March birthdays and, since we hadn’t been in years, we were extremely out of practice, but had a great time anyway!


Taking lessons from Dad!


Michael getting ready to throw a strike!


Yikes! The scoreboards! I told you we were out of practice!

church family picture

On a different note, a friend took this family picture for out church directory.IMG_8756

Cute little puppy:)

Beautiful sunset!

And lastly, a rather dreary picture of the scenic outdoors. We’re so ready for Springtime! So that’s it for now! More pictures coming soon. We promise!