Spring Happenings

IMG_8901All of the siding is now on the front of the house, thanks to Stephen and the T. boys.

IMG_8912 Plum trees blooming in the orchard!

IMG_8933                                                Peach tree blossoms!

IMG_8909 This pear tree already has its beautiful green covering of  leaves!


Our future barn site, even though it doesn’t look like much of one yet!

IMG_8922Another angle; Stephen has been able to use telephone poles folks gave us after the storm!

IMG_8876Last weekend we attended the wedding of some local friends!

IMG_8875                             The bridesmaids.                     IMG_8878Some of the groomsmen.

And as always, we ended up doing way more visiting than actual picture taking! I know. It’s a crying shame.


And we’ll end with this one! Thanks for stopping by. Y’all have a great weekend

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