Journey…..(n) an act or instance of traveling from one place to another

On April 27, 2011 our home and community was significantly impacted by the severe tornado outbreak that affected much of Alabama. After months of thinking, planning, mourning the loss of friends and their property, the time has come for us to rebuild.

Thankfully our home was not totally damaged by the storm, but did sustain enough damage to require the rebuilding of the garage and the top story. To make the situation a little more eventful (as if repairing a home that houses eleven people was not exciting enough) we have decided now would be a really good time to make some desired changes in the downstairs of our home.

While theoretically we are not traveling from one place to another I have a feeling we will be traveling through many experiences in the next several months. From destruction to construction, and all the many side roads in between, it is our desire to: journal our journey; remember the providences of God; grow to love each other more; laugh a lot, and finish before……… we all go crazy :).

Below are a few after the tornado shots.

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